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Day in the life Episode 3(Dj Excel)

In this episode, we spend the day with my twin brother from another mother, Dj Excel(Philly/LA). He takes us through his hometown and explains the difference between west coast food, and east coast food…with a little shopping in between. Enjoy!

Day in the life-Episode 3(Dj Excel) from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

Day in the life episode 2(E Major)

In this episode we travel to my hometown of Baltimore to talk with my label partner, and fellow “demonstrator”…E Major. We talk food, how to take care of your body self, and what projects he has coming up. Enjoy!

Day in the life-Episode 2(E Major) from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

Day In The Life Ep. 1

Here is episode 1 of my new video blog series “Day in the life”. Every episode will feature close friends……and food! We will talk about everything from projects they are working on, food, and just random shit! Most of the time when you see me, or these individuals, it’s in a club. I want you to see how we are on a normal day to day basis. I hope you all enjoy!

Day in the life-Episode 1(Tommy Diz) from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

If there are any individuals that you would like to see interviewed, please leave some comments!